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"I walked in dreading my headshots after almost 20 years with the same headshot-I walked out with an amazing set of headshots and laughed the whole time-would recommend him to anyone and everyone"-Alexander Bauman CEO, BOH Enterprises

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How Long Does a Sitting Usually Take?

-Usually we say about an hour but we prefer you block off an hour and an extra 10 minutes-you will work with your photographer to ensure that you have great images the way you want them so throughout the shoot you will be shown images and do an image review at the end to ensure we nailed it-

Do you offer same day turn around?

-Of course, we know that you have a busy schedule and may have had to put your headshots off to the last minute-we will always find the time to accomodate deadlines

What if I needed a shorter session-would I still get great images?

-Without a doubt, Nicholas is an experienced photographer and used to doing things on the fly, we don't spend an hour in studio getting it right-that normally takes only a few minutes-we spend the extra time giving multiple variations to ensure you will have tons of angles and lighting styles so that you will have tons of great variations to chose from-with less time you will still have a bunch to chose from

  Choosing the right headshot photographer can be daunting-Nicholas understands this and wants to ensure that your headshot experience will be comfortable and that you get the images you need no matter what-hopefully this will answer a few of  your questions and if not we are always available by email or by phone so don't hesitate

A lot of your images look portrait style and all I need is a standard headshot with a background to match my company-is that possible?

-Not only is that possible but it is the first thing we do in studio-all of the portrait style images you see were another variation given to the client after nailing the standard headshot.  Nicholas enjoys going beyond the standard and ensuring that his clients walk out with something truly special-but that does not mean that he is not focused on your needs-Nicholas is first and foremost a headshot photographer and no matter what-every client he shoots gets what they need-and then he finds that by going beyond he can also give them marketing variations or social media style images as well-as he says-"this one is for the back cover of the book-now you just have to write it.

Can I bring multiple wardrobe options?

-Of course-we have always found that the more variety the better so Nicholas encourages you to bring a couple of changes-as an added benefit it means you won't have to come back to him in 6 months when you need a new look for a particular conference or presentation because you will more than likely have it already-as a side note-Nicholas spent years of his life as a commercial and fashion photographer so he will be happy to give you his input on what works and what he feels may distract your viewers from you

How about posing during the shoot?

-It always seems to be a concern of clients that have had negative experiences with photographers in the past-that the posing will be awkward or that the photographer will not be guiding them through the headshot process-Nicholas started his schooling in Psychology and does his best to put that to work when considering your profession, audience and uses for his posing-he stays interactive with you and knows that there is a difference when shooting a headshot for a magazine vs an "about" page-he also took extensive classes on posing for all types of photography at the Brooks Institute and has that base of knowledge to fall back on so you will never feel on your own during your headshot session

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