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For Our New Client Base Package-

1) Your appointment will more than likely last about a half an hour, however we recommend setting aside a few extra minutes as we will work together after we capture your images to ensure you get what you are looking for out of your session.


2) If you bring a more then one wardrobes changes, we will work together to decide the best selection to fit your headshot needs and make sure you are putting your best self forward! 


3) Once you arive we will make sure you are ready to start in on your headshot session as we know that being in front of the camera can sometimes be overwhelming. Once you are set we will shoot a couple of test images to ensure the lighting and background work well for you specifically.  Our sessions are personal to you.  Our goal is to give your clients and/or business the best looking you to help your business grow and give you the best chance to succeed in this competitive business climate.


4) After shooting a series of images we will then review them to ensure you feel confident we have nailed your headshots! Once we are done with the session your images will be processed and sent to you via email with a link to an online gallery of all your images that evening for you to go through. 


5) Once you have looked through your wonderful image set to find your favorite images and send us your choices by email, text or phone, they will then go through our full retouched process and emailed back to you once they are all polished-up! You will receive a few different digital formats; a print, web and social media format for all of your marketing needs.


6) We are always available for questions or concerns so please don't hesitate contact us anytime.

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